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        Company Culture

        1. The Meaning Of “Uptech:
        · “Up” is our spirit—Cheer up, update our mind, attitude, technology and facilities, upgrade our products, upraise  our company image and finally up-rate our life value.


        · “Tech” : We follow up the latest technology, invest in and create new technology.


        · Combining  “Up” spirit with technology, Uptech is to become an active high-tech company.

        2. Vision & Mission:
        · Vision: become a reliable supplier of  LCD, LCM, RFM and ESL products.

        · Mission: provide customers total solutions of LCD,  LCM, RFM and ESL products.


        3. The Meaning of Our Logo:
        · The combination of the letter “U” and “P”.
        · The strong turns of the strokes of the logo and the inseparable good match of the 2 letters represent the instant change between the dynamic state and the static state of the world of science and technology. The left part of the logo indicates that our company has strong cohesive force inside and is still accumulating energy, while the right part of the logo shows that our company is getting more and more prosperous every day. This logo is a good harmony of “UP” spirit and technology.
        · The logo looks like the Chinese character of “ 中 ” and like the symbol of the infinitely great. Thus this logo also indicates that on one hand our products are originally “made in China”, on the other hand we are carrying on an “international strategy”.

        4. Our company spirit: Faithful、Creative and ALL-Win.


        5. Our employee's mental outlook: Active, Upward, Positive, Cooperative.

        6. Our HR concept:
        Assign jobs to people according to their abilities and appoint people on their merits. Treat all employees equally without discrimination no matter the employee is new, old, relative or stranger. Be kind to every employee and give awards to those doing better. Those having good conduct will be rewarded with good and those achieving more will be paid more.

        7. Our customer service attitude:
        Customers' requirment is the biggest.
        Fast response, perfect communication.
        Serve the customers with all our heart.

        8. Our supplier pocily:
        Quality assurance is must and price, delivery and cooperativeness are key elements. Long-term cooperation, mutual support and benefit.

        9. Our pursuit in production technology and process:
        High technology, high quality, high efficiency.

        10. Our living and developping concept:
        Technology is our core, market is our guide, quality is our lifeline, continuously developping and progressing.

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