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        Character & graphic LCD modules

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        Dot-matrix LCD modules from China are categorized into two kinds, character and graphic. These are STN or FSTN monochrome varieties that adopt electric field effect for display. The products employ COB, COG or TAB bonding, with the first widely used in character LCD modules for its cost advantages.

        The other types of LCD modules available are TFT, OLED and customized models. More than half of China suppliers are developing such variants, some even integrating touch panels and control boards.

        The key components for production include the PCB, ITO glass, polarizer and IC. These are acquired locally or from providers abroad. The first three are mostly from Shenzhen Tianma Microelectronics. The last is sourced from overseas partners such as Toshiba, Raio and Sitronix. LCD panels are from Taiwan’s Chimei Innolux.

        Despite the anticipated 5 to 20 percent increase in raw material outlay, makers have no plans of implementing markups due to stiff competition. Some are even considering reducing quotes for large-volume orders

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